Lash & Brow Foaming Cleanser (50ml)

Lash & Brow Foaming Cleanser (50ml)


The Lash Patrol Foam Cleanser has many uses and can be used either as a pre-treatment (prior to a full set or even infills) to clean the lashes or for the daily hygiene of lashes, brows, eye area, make up or as your daily face wash.


This is a high concentration cleanser so just the one pump will be required per use, the cleanser is odour free and suitable for all skin types and is EU approved. 


Apply the foam cleanser using a soft make up brush to cleanse the area.


To ensure a perfect bond of the glue ensure all foam cleanser residue is removed either with distilled water or saline solution.  If using the foam cleanser with saline solution this will replace the need for a primer.


The cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.


Please note expiry date is one year from the date on the bottle.


Manufactured in the EU.