• Kelly Eaton

Brow lamination online training

In addition to our online lash courses we have just launched 3 more amazing online courses.

Due to the current covid-19 pandemic they have been massively reduced.

Our online brow lamination training course covers

About Brow Lamination

• Price Structure and Timings.

• Patch Testing.

• Contra Indications.

• Anatomy of the Hair.

• Health and Safety Laws.

• Product Recommendations and Suppliers.

• Application Step by Step.

• Aftercare.

• Client Consultation Form Sample.

All our online we also offer the following

Lash lift and tint online training

Semi permanent lashes online training

Russian volume lashes online training

Henna Brows online training

You can book the brow lamination online training course or any of our other online beauty courses by clicking here


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