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Lash Patrol Tweezers

Tweezers can make or break a lash tech.

There are so many different types of tweezers for lash extensions, using the wrong tweezers can lead to you becoming frustrated, demotivated and losing confidence.

For making your own Russian volume fans you need to make sure that your tweezers close fully, and that the lashes stay in position when moving them off the lash strip and transferring to the eyes. The most annoying thing is making a brilliant fan, picking it up and then lashes just falling between the feet.

You need to learn where the sweet spot is on each individual set of tweezers as you could have 2 of the same tweezers but they pick up slightly different. It’s a good idea to make a little mark with a sharpie on the tweezers of you’re unsure. You will know when you find the sweet spot as making fans will instantly seem so much easier.

Use a good grip on your tweezers, you can see here I use 3-4 fingers to ensure I have full control so my tweezers work as an extension of my own fingers.

We have a small but perfect range of tweezers that can be bought from the online shop.

This particular set shown is lash patrol Nancy tweezers, rose gold and beautifully presented.

All lash patrol tweezers are hand tested on a variety of lashes and thicknesses before sending to ensure that they do work as we would like.

You can purchase the lash patrol lash tweezers here

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