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Henna brows training in Manchester

August 5, 2019

There is such a high demand for our henna brows training we’ve released some extra dates for the training course in manchester.

If you haven’t heard of henna brows or only just deciding to train in this treatment you will not be disappointed.

Henna brows are the hottest new brow trend, they last much longer than traditional tint and you can offer your clients a truely bespoke brow service. We use brow xenna in all our kits and on our clients. The cost of training can include kit or you can just book your henna brows training without a kit. The ingredients are all natural, so no harsh chemicals are being used on your clients. We’ve also found that the henna encourages hair growth and a lot of clients are reporting fuller brows when they previously had sparse brows. We can also create an ombré finish for those clients that want a softer finish and a darker brow for those hardcore brow clients. 

What are you waiting for? 

Get booked on the henna brows training course in Manchester now via the online booking on the website

Any questions feel free to contact us

07821 853881

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