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How much can I earn doing lashes?

Booking onto a lash course can seem like such a massive layout at first, especially because the reason why most decide to do it is to earn more money, obviously we love to create beautiful lashes but everyone wants to earn more, either as an existing beauty therapist or someone that is new to the industry and working around other commitments such as a new baby, a full time job or caring for others. Maybe it’s just going to be a hobby but you don’t want to do it for free!

The warning potential as a lash tech is huge, as an average of £50 per set of lashes and the cost per treatment around £3-£4 the profit margins are massive. Yes it will take you a couple of hours at first and really shouldn't be a fast service once you are experienced either.

We offer online and in person training in West Yorkshire and can also offer training at your location (additional fee) but the opportunity is there for you to grab! Just by doing 1 or 2 sets a week, you will make a small profit and can then really start to build your business.

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