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Introducing micro-needling

September 16, 2018

Recently we decided to bring back those treatments that give amazing results but we just didn’t have time for in the old salon. Micro needling was one of those.

What is micro-needling?

Also known as derma roller. This treatment aims to cause a trauma to the skin but without any damage to the epidermis to encourage the body to release growth factors that stimulate the fibroblasts creating new collagen and elastin. 

What are the benefits of micro needling?

• Minimises fine lines and wrinkles

• Improves acne scarring

• Improves stretch marks

• Minimises pore size

• Improves texture and tone

• Rejuvenates the skin

• Encourages the production of collagen

Price per area starts at £150 per treatment 

Book your treatment at our studio in Whitefield, Manchester. We are only 10 mins from Bury and 15 mins from Manchester City centre. 

Enhance and pamper



These are pictures from a friends clinic in Carlisle called jadore beautique. Look at the results from just the first treatment! A course of up to 6 treatments is advised for the best results! Give their salon a follow if you are on Instagram.

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