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Online Russian Volume Training manual

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Have you trained in semi permanent classic lashes and feel ready to train in Russian volume lashes? do you want to train but a little bit unsure if you are ready?

have you trained elsewhere but feel like you need more information or just want a bit more knowledge?

Our online Russian volume lashes manual is now available to buy via the online shop

on the website. It covers everything you need to know about the application of Russian volume eyelash extensions such as

• Anatomy

• Patch testing

• Lash consultation forms

• Russian Volume lash fans and weights

• Volume fan techniques

• Layering

• Hybrid lashes

• Lash styles

• Applying Russian lashes

• Lash wrap

• Premade and Pro made lashes

• Crystallisation

• Health and safety

The lash manual really does take you back to basics and then gives you loads more information that maybe you meant to ask and didn’t or forgot about.

The manualmis a download pdf file and you will be able to save it and print it out or view it on your phone not other devices.

We have kept the cost down bu keeping it as a divital file and it means you can get it straight away.

The feedback we’ve had about our online training manuals has been really positive and we are so proud of our online lash training manuals.

We will be increasing the manual library over the coming weeks.

Now what are you waiting for? Get that manual bought and start learning

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