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What type of lashes do I want?

August 10, 2019

We get so many calls and messages asking to book in for eyelash extension and when we ask which eyelash’s they would like to book an appointment for many people don’t know the difference.

In an attempt to help you guys I’ve shared a picture of some of our lashes, the thing you need to remember is that lashes are individual to you, we have different styles we can create from doll, to wispy and cat eye styles. We also use a lot of differenf curls and thicknesses.

Some of the lashes we offer at enhance and pamper are

Classic lashes - these are individually applied lashes one per natural lash and range in thickness from 0.10- 0.18, we can use different curls and different lengths and  give different looks. Classic eyelash extensions tend to look more on the natural side.

Natural Volume lashes - these are Russian lashes applied lightly to create a fuller lash set than a classic set but not as full as the Russian volume lashes, we tend to use 0.05-0.10 and place between 2 and 4 lashes per natural lash, again we can create different styles with this set also

Russian volume lashes - this tends to be a full set of Russian volume lashes using 0.05-0.07 and placing up to 8 lashes per natural lash, they are fanned by hand and can take longer than a classic set of lashes to apply. Russian volume lashes take a great amount of skill and patience but we love to see the end result. 

Mega volume lashes - these lashes are not for the more natural clients as they are a heavier lash and also take around 3 hours to apply, they are not for everyday wear due to the amount of lashes applied. We use the lightest lash possible to eliminate any damage. These are applied by highly skilled therapists using advanced techniques.

Hybrid lashes - everyone’s idea of hybrid lashes are different, the true definition is something that is between one and the other, so for us it’s between and classic and a Russian volume set, we mix classic and Russian lashes throughout to give a light textured volume effect. 

Wispy designer lashes - these are one of our most popular sets of lashes and each set is unique to whom were lashing. Some want long spikes others want mixed texture. You tell us what you like. We can also mimic your strip lash look using these techniques too so if you have a favourite strip lash style then bring it to your appointment and we can make it happen. 

We also offer lash lifts and tints, these are extremely popular for those that don’t have time for the regular maintenance appts that the others need but provide a look that opens your eyes and looks like you’re wearing mascara without the need of applying any. 

So we hope this helps you when it comes to your next eyelash extensions appointment at enhance and pamper

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