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Henna Brows training course

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

August 8, 2019

A few pictures from today’s henna brows training course in Manchester 

Today we welcomed frankee who travelled from Stoke for her henna brows training.

Frankee explainer that it had been difficult to find henna brows training in Stoke or nearer to her and after seeing our reviews decided to book her henna brows course with enhance and pamper. Frankee we are so glad you did. 

Frankee booked the henna brows course with kit although we used the salons kit on the day it just means she can go away and get started straight away on her models.

We worked on a number of models with myself demonstrating on the first model, and then assisting Frankee on the second model who was a little more of a challenge and then onto to Frankee finishing off with a complete model by herself with the trainer only there for guidance should it be needed. Frankee left happy and keen to get practicing her new henna brows skills on her case studies. 

We look forward to welcoming frankee into her next course of lash lift and tint training soon.

We always offer complete and ongoing support after our initial training days. 

If you think you want to offer henna brows to your existing clients not entice new clients then give enhance and pamper a contact and we will be sure to help you book onto one of our courses.

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